Electric toy car for kids : ‘MN-01’

For all the budding racers and automobile enthusiasts out there, here is a car that we have made and can be customized according to your personal style and requirements!! So putting in some more pics!!! (Making of MN01) Comes with two drive train options – 6V & 12 V with 3kmph & 6kmph max speed respectively. Also your kid can get his/her personalized number plate! And a cool colour and alloys of your choice

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12 Responses to Electric toy car for kids : ‘MN-01’

  1. saneel says:

    Great Car,,,!!

  2. piyush says:

    what is the price of the above car and do you have a website??

  3. Swapna Mirashi says:

    yo! uber cool! do you customize a car and ship it outside India?

  4. digambar gadgil says:

    compliments for developing this

  5. Nilesh D Lale says:

    Superlike….its awesome… U have developed dreams of many!! Congo. To u & team.
    Will u share the price line for this? (versions wise if avl)
    & how to get this?

  6. Adil Khan says:

    Can u tell me the price of the black color car.

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