New address for …

Few days later…

Some more days…

New address noted for Amar Singh, Sudheendra Kulkarni etc.

With all the scams, 2G, CWG, Cash for vote, Adarsh society scam and so many other coming up and who’ s who getting booked  ….the scenario in future could be….

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5 Responses to New address for …

  1. piyush mulay says:

    very nice are these drawings made by you?

  2. saneel says:

    too good…try to make it colorful next time..would look even cooler:)

  3. Swapna Mirashi says:

    super smart and witty! and so very true. Take a bow for telling a story in few words, bringing up a serious issue with loads of humor. Love them all! Give me more;)

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