10 Ways For Airlines To Make Money

1.  Advertisements on aircraft body (like Formula One sponsorship liveries).

Usable surface area of aircraft -4025 sq.ft. (Approximate external usable area for advertisements for B737-700)                                                                                                      @Rs. 1,000,000 per sq.ft. per year**.                                                                                    Possible earnings per flight per year – Rs. 402.5 crore.                                                               (It costs Rs. 350,000 for a 10 sec TV ad).

2.  Sponsorship / advertisements inside aircraft.

58* window flaps, 26* overhead drawers, 96* tray tables & 116* head rest covers ( *usable area for advertisements for two class seating arrangement of B737-700.                       @Rs. 1,000,000 per window flap, overhead drawer & tray table per year**.                     @Rs. 500,000 per head rest cover per year**.                                                                    Possible earnings per flight per year – Rs. 23.8 crore.

Windows 7 or Sun control films or sunscreen for window flaps, anti dandruff shampoo for head rest covers, pain relief balm for over head drawers, any snack brand for tray table will be eager to grab this deal.

3.   Auction of Celebrity autographed coffee mugs.

With so many sportsmen, film stars, artists & other celebrities travelling, get the coffee mugs autographed specially for the airline & auction them.

4.      Guided tour of the aircraft.

@Rs. 1000 per person** even if 5 guests take this offer per day, per flight.                              Possible earnings per flight per year – Rs. 0.18 crore.                                                                 (** only for example).

5.   Airline managers can play KBC.

Whatever money they win can be donated to their respective airlines.

6.   Designer wear for crew & no uniform!

No expenses for uniform & luggage of the crew for the airlines.                                                As for the design house / retail chains will be more than happy to display their latest offerings to thousands of guests traveling each day & at the same time get free models (air hostess / steward). Better deal than fashion weeks!

7.   Sponsored on-board snacks.

No expenses for the airline for food.                                                                                                As for the snack sponsors, it will be great test market to launch new products, get feedback as well as publicity.

8.  Sponsored on-board saloon / beauty centers.

This will attract customers & make them choose the airline over others. Good Will!!

9.  Plea to Prime Ministers National Relief Fund (PMNRF).

PMNRF was created shortly after independence to provide immediate relief to the people in distress!

10.  Go to Las Vegas & Gamble!

Gambling can earn money..but if the airline owner starts losing, he can rather put the airline at stake. One cannot have a more easy way to get rid of one’s headache that this as they say, “Sometimes you are better without something than with it”.

Disclaimer –

The article is written on a light note and should be read and received accordingly. No offense to any person, organization or industry is intended.

Brands featured here are purely for example/illustration – the author has not been paid by any of the featured brands/ logos to appear in the piece.

The rate / fee for advertisement is for illustrating, author’s best estimate.

References –

http://www.boeing.com/commercial/airports/acaps/737sec2.pdf – page 12,26,34,47 for dimensions & area calculation of B737-700

http://www.seatplans.com/airlines/Jet-Airways/seatplans/B737-700-8 for seating arrangement

http://www.boeing.com/commercial/airports/acaps/737sec9.pdf Scaled drawings of B737-700

http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2011-03-26/india-business/29192143_1_advertisers-new-campaigns-media-planners for ad rates on Indian TV

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    you are very much disturbed by KF crisis , i guess..
    u can start a campaign “save Mallya”

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