Long long ago, in the gaming world when there were no play stations no DS when having a 286 or 386 PC was ‘the’ thing, when a PC would start in MS Dos, when Prince of Persia 1 was truly a prince of games, at that time there was this free game from Microsoft – ‘Minesweeper’.

Prince of Persia found his princess with a magic command “megahit”, solitaire could be won by just pressing the magic key  ‘m’ (to show available move), but minesweeper had no such magic key neither command. It was merely luck that I thought was the reason to lose this mysterious game (mysterious, at least for me). Checking for help (F1) was far from interesting

Now almost a couple of decades later as the gaming world has taken some alien form, with Mafia II, Star Wars II, GTA …etc etc, get into a flashback mode and we decode the mysterious minesweeper!!

Starting screen looks something like this –

Here you need some luck and keep clicking the blocks till you sweep some considerable numbers.

If you see something like this then you have just struck a mine!! … that’s hard try again till you get some considerable number…all the best!

The numbers so reveled indicate how many mines are associated with that number.

Going further by this logic one will be able to unfold this great piece of work.

Till finally you see the smiley with his sunglasses!

Enjoying the very great game provided you have a lot free time (like I had 🙂 even more time to write on this), a lot of concentration and some pop corns so that you wont realize the uncountable attempts you needed to finally win!

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  1. piyush mulay says:

    we people are really lucky as we got to play games like mario road fighter prince of persia, i remember i used to rent video games from parlor for one day and play continuously along with friends for like next 24hours till dad bought me one so that i wont get specks,love those days

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