CAUTIONARY WARNING !! This article is meant for hard core F1 followers who understand the sport, the technology and the essence of driving and performance of cars and / or people who appreciate humour.

So here is analysis of effects and side effects of various parameters on F1 follower.

#1 F1 Technology                                                                                                               Effect: INSPIRATION. You will be inspired by the cutting edge technology. You will try to explain the F1 technology to almost everyone and especially give your best shot at motivating your mechanic by giving him every details of how in F1 all 4 tyres are changed in less than 3.5 sec!!!!

Side Effect: FRUSTRATION. While you will be frustrated to experience the big 30 minutes it takes to replace just a single tyre of your car, the mechnic will dash off your tech talk saying ” yeh sab filmo mein hota hey sab” ( it happens only in films sir!).

#2 F1 Driving Style

Effect: You will STRIVE to extract the most power and performance from your car. You will enjoy acceleration , negotiating a corner with some speed, hard braking that leaves the tyre marks on the road …etc..etc.

Side Effect: End up SPENDING MORE on fuel as your mileage will drop by at least 2.5 to 4 km per liter.

#3 Overtaking                                                                                                                       Effect: OVERWHELMED by your driving accuracy while overtaking the cars and trucks on the highways.

Side Effect: Just before you try to add up those crucial seconds in your kitty, you will be disappointed to know that your parents call you a RASH DRIVER!

#4 Dream Car / Dream Drive                                                                                                Effect: Obviously to Drive a Formula One car at 320 – 325kmph, feel the g forces, that jolt of acceleration is something you will DREAM for but…

Side Effect: … you will have to be mentally prepared for a BREAK UP with your GIRLFRIEND / BOYFRIEND as she / he will be furious to know that your dream car / drive does not have a place…err..seat for her / him.

#5 Better Driver???                                                                                                             Effect: It will be your desire and rightly so to be known as the BEST DRIVER IN YOUR FAMILY.

Side Effect: Sometimes…UPSET AND ANNOYED. You will realize that your father still thinks he is far better than you as he gets better mileage, better tyre and clutch life and of course better comments from other family members who can sleep peacefully when he drives!

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  1. Medha says:

    nice one… have been catching up on the blog reading… keep putting such things up 🙂

  2. Santhosh says:

    @KK- You think good, humorous & express it very well. Keep doing.
    I know the Point no 5 is your experience is that Point 4 too?

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