Lights Out – India; Neighbours Shining!

Is India still Shining??

This is with reference to the article in The Economic Times (3rd September 2012) – “India looking to sell 500 MW electricity to Pakistan”

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6 Responses to Lights Out – India; Neighbours Shining!

  1. Swapna Mirashi says:

    “Ghar ka diya, padosi ke aangan mein. This is like giving light to neighbors house”- a dialogue from Swades. What a pity:(

  2. Yes it is very sad that when the country is facing power shortage, when a number of villages get the electric supply only for a few hours and when we have a fresh experience of half the country in dark….what are the policy makers intending with such decisions remains a big question…. and that too to neighbours like these!

  3. piyush mulay says:

    you know ajit pawar had promised that maharashtra would be free from power cuts at the end of this year but now that he himself has resigned we dont know weather it will be achived or will remain a distant dream as the person who will replace him will have a standard excuse

    • Well, it is important to note the reason for his ‘quitting’ and also reviewing how many times politicians have kept their word! So even if he would have continued, it would have been interesting to see what happens with the power cut scenario in Maharashtra as its just 3 months for the year end.

      • piyush mulay says:

        very true but now there is lot of awakening among people and with the media persons following the politicians there is some improvement,at least we could blamed him for not keeping his word but now i don’t think there is any chance for that [while writing this i am myself having a power cut at my home in nagpur but all thanks to my lappy 🙂 ] but now i can proudly say that my nagpur is almost ie 99% free from power cuts for the past 3 years how about your city????

  4. Yes the situation is surely better now and along with this we all should save energy by using it wisely and not wasting a single watt. This will be our little contribution in ensuring sufficient and continuous supply in future.

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