Starring F1 and G1: Episode #1

If there is a contest for the BETTER CAR,  between a road car and a formula one car then which one will get your vote? …..Wait before you finalize your vote … Meet F1 and G1, two friends fighting it out for that precious vote of yours.

This space is going to unfold the story of  their machines in various circumstances and will solve the mystery that surrounds the Formula One technology with some interesting episodes. With every episode the two cars are going to score points over the other based on its superiority in that situation.

SCORE BOARD –  E                F1            G1
                                   1                  0               0

D1 - driver comicIllustrations by Durga Kale.

Meet G1 …

F1 comics

Illustrations by Durga Kale

So fasten your seat belts ..and keep watching this space…the battle begins as the scoreboard reads “love all”.

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