Tyre Change in JUST 3.5 Seconds! #2

Illustrations by Durga Kale.

Where we struggle for atleast 15 minutes to half an hour to change a punctured tyre of our car, all four tyres of a formula one car are changed in 3.5 seconds during a pit stop. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxC3itJkqps this is how Ferrari team managed it in a record 3.3 seconds.

Unlike road cars, the F1 cars have a single central lock nut that secures the wheel on the suspension uprights. This ‘lock’ is quickly pushed in with the help of pneumatic gun to release the wheel during a pit stop, and the tyre changer then pulls it again to lock the wheel once the tyres have been changed. F1 wheels are usually made from forged magnesium alloy due its low density and high strength. They are machined in one piece to make them as strong as possible.

SCORE BOARD   F1               G1
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So for this episode whom will you vote for? Keep watching this space for some more interesting facts on Formula One.

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2 Responses to Tyre Change in JUST 3.5 Seconds! #2

  1. piyush mulay says:

    i dont know about f1 much but good info just one question which is very silly so dont laugh at my poor knowledge why there should be any need to change the tyres in between the race cant they develop tyres which can withstand that much pressure

  2. This is actually a good and valid question. The simplest reason for this is – harder tyre is more durable but gives less grip, and the softer tyre gives more grip but is less durable. F1 cars need more grip due to high speed and the tyres are subjected to more wear & tear due to quick acceleration, hard braking and lateral forces.
    Also depending on track condition (dry, moist & wet) the F1 cars use different tyres to get the required grip.
    On a lighter side the pit stops and tyre change make F1 more interesting.

    And thank you for putting up this question, that gives me an idea for the next episode of F1 & G1.

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