Weight (kg): F1 Loses, G1 Gains #5


Well driving an F1 car, can be good idea for all those fitness…or  “weight management” centers and that too with guaranteed results!! However it is easier said than done.  The thrill of high speed driving brings stress, high g forces and heat along with it. An F1 driver is subjected to all these factors and hence can lose up to 3 kg of his body weight. Just like an F1 car, the driver is also subjected to extreme conditions and is expected to deliver incredible results.

There is no other sport in the world which compares to the demands Formula One puts on the heart. Hence an F1 driver needs to be extremely fit , both physically as well as mentally.  Following are a few points from the interview of Dr. Ricardo Ceccarelli, team doctor of Toyota F1 team.

1. The heart rate of a top driver can average over 180bpm for a race distance of 90 minutes or more. This is huge and no other sport keeps a heart rate so high for such a long time.

2. There is a lot of muscle work for the whole body – heavy work for neck muscles to cope with the g-forces, high loads on legs and arms and good lumbar strength to stabilize the body. A normal person could do two or three laps in a Formula One car under those stresses before physically they couldn’t continue.

3. The brain has to be working hard and attentive for the whole race. In tennis you have a break every few seconds, in boxing you break every three minutes, in shooting you break all the time. This means a Formula One driver’s brain is working in a different way. When you compare a Formula One driver’s brain to an average person, the way it works is completely different.

4. In all this process lot of heat is generated and the body combats by sweating. This leads to loss of fluid and subsequent weight loss.

To minimize this effect an F1 driver drinks a lot of water and always have a bottle of fluid available; mainly this is water but also you can add some minerals. The second thing is to be very careful with nutrition, eats simple food which is easy to digest; fruit and vegetables are the best things to eat. Finally, for a driver, the team tries to get him as cool as possible before the race, which means putting ice in his helmet, his shoes in the fridge, that kind of thing, so when he first steps into the car he is not already overheating.

Seems like…life is not about reducing or gaining weight, its all about being fit in all conditions and delivering the best.

Reference : http://www.formula1.com/inside_f1/understanding_the_sport/5298.html

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