Potholes Are Good For Economy!

Poor potholes…every time everyone keep cursing them. When there were few of them on the road the curses would extend to the road contractor, the local politicians and at times even the central government. However now the condition of many roads is that there is no road at all…just the poor potholes and many potholes to blame.

pothole3 Ancient philosophy says that nothing is good or nothing is bad, it is the utilization that makes it good or bad. So how are these potholes not bad when most of us think they are?


petrol pump


politicianThe bottom line is all these things make us (common people) spend more. We spending more money on vehicles, medical expenses, taxes indeed helps economy…but at what cost? The money we pay is just utilized in repairs and re repairs than reforms!  Still  mathematically the Indian economy is performing better than most of the other countries, thanks to these potholes (one of the reasons).

Stop for a while and think about it, we are not just neglecting the potholes on the road that we travel at frquently, but we are neglecting our health, our time, resources and ultimately life.

Can all of us take just one day from our so busy lives and together convey to the authorities that the potholes (and factors alike) are not acceptable to all the citizens? Can we stand up for our rights responsibly? If we can, we will surely have more time, energy and resources to do better work and help the economy than depending on the potholes (and of course other loopholes).

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2 Responses to Potholes Are Good For Economy!

  1. AnujaK says:

    Good one! Superb selection of title 🙂
    On a serious note, yes we all need to take a stand….we’ve got ‘chalta hai’ attitude, which is ultimately bad for all of us.

  2. Thanks Anuja. Something positive is that common people like you and me have started thinking about the situation in our country…with this surely things will be better…though it will take some time, lot of energy and strong team work to convert thinking into action.

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