English Is A Funny Language!

Well that was very embarrassing! Entire class IV A was lafing laughing my teacher was furious and I was just shocked and unable to understand which words did I wrongly spelt. In a dictashun dictation test, I scored one and a haf  half out of ten! dictation test

It was getting more difficult for me to understand which spelling is rite right and which one is wrong. Things became more difficult as my elder sister was English topper in her class and everyone would compare to two of us. Finally I decided to practice or mug up 10 spellings every day and I started writing.

“Kite, Nite  night (there was also one word knight!), mite might, rite right (or write?) fight, ate  eight, site…sight…(don’t no know which is right or write) tie- it…no no tight …and looks like I am getting brite bright!”

So that was getting interesting as I tried to do the spellings with some logic. “..and then you get the series that has same pronunciation like bake, cake, fake, make, …..but why is it ache and not ake (like in snake)????May be there is some exception to the rule. Hurray! there was another word that is exception in another series – good, wood, food and thats right its not rood but rude!” Some logic and rule of exception was making my life easier. Fee is pronounced as Fee (फी) then why is it physics and not Feesics? again the same Fee can be spelled as ‘Phy’ or ‘gh’ as in laughing…OMG …What to do?”

Actually I was to learn a bigger lesson of life that the things we are afraid of, we have to face them more! I was afraid of the spellings and there were bigger and more spellings I had to face. “Shun (शन) is shun when it is a single word but that becomes ‘tion’ in Competition and ‘sion’ in session or comprehension.” Further “The is (द) the and then it become (थ) in therapy…”.

I guess the alphabets must be tired sometimes and to have fun, they play musical chair (in pronunciation) like ‘s’ is pronounced as ‘c’ in severe then ‘c’ is pronounced as ‘k’ as in colour ..but ‘c’ is bit cheeky as sometimes it takes position of both ‘k’ and ‘s’ like in practice. Thankfully we use more computers these days and most of the times the program supports spell checks (though an American program will show mistake in colour and British will not agree with color).

Man is an intelligent animal and ever progressing so now a days we write “C U Soon” (instead of see you soon). Having said that I believe that one should be technically correct in languages though it takes lot of effort for people like me who are not very good at remembering the spellings and write by the pronunciations. Finally I will be not mad at the speech recognition software when it does incorrect analysis.

P.S. As per Dr. P. V. Vartak the drawback of the speech recognition software, can be solved if the software is programed with devnagri script as every letter has a definite pronunciation and each utterance has a special letter or symbol. For details please refer his books – Vedas the Root of Science and Essays of Science in Vedas.

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2 Responses to English Is A Funny Language!

  1. Santhosh says:

    Just read “dis tvice” a day & I am sure, the persons English will go “far” a “tas”

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