What If ‘He’ Resigns???

He does not get a performance allowance not even annual increment…o forget all this he does not even have a fixed monthly income..not just fixed but even earning every month is uncertain! So what if he decides to resign? (after all mostly these are the criteria for people like us to put papers isn’t it?)

To all the graduates and post graduates and double post graduates and PhDs it may seem alright that some one doesnt get increment or  a fixed salary especially when he might not hold a degree like we all do! Plus he is not related to any high profile bank, nor is he an MD or a CEO of an FMCG not even a techie from silicon valley (as some of the blue eyed boys of silicon valley are university drop outs) so whats the big deal if he resigns?

Though he is very hard working…or very very hard working…the result or the outcome is still uncertain.

rice-wisdom-018-wisdomHe is very punctual but timely delivery is also not guaranteed!

indian-monsoon-photos-140611-01Over and above he and his entire family along with other workers form an excellent team! But do they make a winning team? None can assure!

2.-women-farmersHe also manages the external troublesome factors very well!

vineyard-223438_640And even though all goes well and he gets a bumper output does his work earn money for him? So what if he resigns?

Wheat--621x414Sometimes just to earn more money his workspace is given to someone else!

J290718411.default.74081lSo what if he resigns or what if they all resign?

2009-2-24-rally18-02-09Stop for a while before drawing any conclusion on significance of his work because when it comes to work…what can I say …he is only next to god in sustaining human life on earth! But irony of human behavior is we worship the god that sits in temple but do we even appreciate the god that works through him nonstop in the field, braving all weather conditions, overcoming physical exertion and mental agony? Do we even remember his hard work while enjoying our favorite fruit, veggies or meal?

So next time when we meet him can we simply say ‘Thank You’ for working for us and am sure he will oblige us with a perfect smile and a promise to sustain life as he has been doing for time unknown!

_48129724_photo4eknathandwifeonbananafarmP.S. Refer to the famous riddle – Can you make a line shorter without touching it? the answer is  draw another line that is longer that the first. So if we think about our problems to be too big, we are not getting the dues of our work then we should refer to a farmer’s life and just like the line becomes smaller, our problems too will seem too small!

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