Going to School and Going Around In Standard Ten

I was in love with this car that Amithabh Bachchan had in his new movie Akayla. I had never seen it on road. I don’t know if it is a real car but I really loved it. Amitabh Bachchan would call it Rampyari so I also call it Rampyari.

sfaIt was different than any car I had seen. It was small and not like Shakeel kaka’s (uncle’s ) big fat Ambassador. It was sweet and not like the flat rectangular car that some persons bring, they call it Padmini or sometimes Fiat (may be because it is flat). Those persons come to meet baba (my father) for some work. Rampyari looks cheeky not like mama ajoba’s (grand father’s) boxy Van. I like it better than the new Honda Maruti car that I see everyday when I wake up.

hmcBefore Rampyari I used to like this small sky blue car. I see it every day as it passes by my house. I don’t know exact time as I don’t understand the clock but it is late morning because that is when I wake up. My sisters say I wake up very late and that is why I don’t go to school like them, but my mother says I am still small, when I will grow big I will go to school. Sometimes I even miss the Hanuman Jayanti puja in the near by temple because it is early in the morning. I don’t know why Lord Hanuman has to celebrate his birthday early in the morning when everyone else celebrates it in the evening. I like Lord Hanuman his other name is Maruti and I also like the Honda Maruti car. Whenever I see it I shout loudly ‘ Honda Maruti car’ so that it stops. But it never stops. My sisters some time play prank with me and say it is not Honda Maruti car but it is Marutio 800. But they don’t know 800 is the number. Every car has different number but they don’t listen to me as I am smaller than them.

I used to think baba should buy that Honda Maruti car but now I think he should buy Rampyari. Baba has a black colour motorcycle. Its name is Rajdoot. When I was two year old all five of us would go on it together. 5But now I am three and we all don’t fit on it. So baba takes my two sisters first and then when they are back me and aai (mother) go with him for a round. I don’t know why baba does cheating and goes two times for a ride and everyone else goes just once.

3He says now that I am growing up hence all 5 don’t fit on the motor cycle. But when I ask him if I am grown up why I don’t go to school and now I can also count numbers upto ten? He says you are still small. But he says its just a question of few weeks…(I thought few weeks to go big and go to school.. but.. )we will all be going together when we get a new car….a new car ..it should be Ramyari.. I wish!

standardAnd here it was a small white coloured car, cute and nice but it was not my Rampyari…when I asked why it is not Rampyaari the car is not as good as Rampyaari…he says you are small you will know as you grow up. ..baba said its name is Standard Ten! So that means this car is older than tai (eldest sister) as she is in standard sixth. One thing I was happy about was that …we all would be going together in the evening when my sisters would be back from school.

st10I was excited I don’t remember if I saw Honda Maruti car that day. The entire day I spent in the car it has two sofas to sit on.. just like we have one in our house. Only difference is they are bit smaller. When aai asked baba if it is second hand, baba said it is 5th! Just like Shakeel kaka’s Ambassador this one has a round handle with three sticks coming out. So this means it has three hands..where did baba find 5th? There are two clocks also but I think they are not working. Then there is a small drawer in it. Only two windows go down completely. one window just goes down little bit and one window behind the driver does not even move a bit. I can easily climb on the top of the car from front or behind but when I climb from behind some sound keeps coming tic…tic…tic.. the door of the boot is loose I suppose.

As soon as my sisters came back from school I declared I am going to sit near the left window..but when actual time came they made me sit in the middle with tai behind baba and madhli (elder sister) behind aai. Tai was disappointed as her window was not opening ( I knew that) every one was seated but baba’s door was not closing properly…and this I didn’t knew as when I was in the car all day the doors were kept open! One smash, one thud but the door refused to close. I was worried and about to cry when baba took out a magic cloth and tied it around the door. the door closed and bhup bhup bhup the car started . Suddenly one out of the two clocks also started baba played with the sticks and off we went…

mhkThere was no tape recorder in the car but it sounded like lot of musical instruments were being played. tic tic…and thad thad….and when the car would slow down it use to sound like harmonium ..even the sofa was making some sound like cling ching cling….dhup dhup dhup…the car halted …stopped… baba was trying to restart it but it didn’t. we tried to push it yet it did not start.


Thank god we were very near the house. We parked the car and came back walking. Me aai and madhli waited at home Baba and tai went on the motorcycle with a can in her hand. I think the car ran out of petrol and that’s why it stopped.

Next time whenever we went out Baba ensured that one can of petrol was always kept in the boot along with 4 magic cloth. Standard Ten drank more petrol than an elephant could drink water and Rajdoot would run faster than Standard Ten. Sometimes people on bicycles would over take us and I didn’t like that. I used to take good care of the car hoping she starts behaving well and I think it was responding as it started giving less trouble…or may be baba was always prepared to handle the trouble!

One day some person came to baba’s office and he liked the car. The next time he came he took it with him. I heard baba telling aai that he just sold off the car.  I was sad. I didn’t feel like playing, eating or even sleeping. The entire day I sat on the steps. In the evening when baba came I was about to cry…he sat next to me and said,” You will be going to school from next month,…don’t feel bad about Standard Ten big girl, I should have listened to you that this one is not as good as your Rampyari .

P.S. Good that baba brought Standard Ten otherwise no one would have realized that I have really grown up and know lot of things and should start going to school!

Disclaimer –

The article is written on a light note and should be read and received accordingly. No offense to any person, organization, brand or industry is intended.

Brands featured here are purely for example and for better understanding  of automobiles in India in early 90s.

The performance of this particular Standard Ten here should be considered with some humor as it was very very old and had many previous owners. Also this cannot be related to other cars from the company.

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One Response to Going to School and Going Around In Standard Ten

  1. piyush mulay says:

    hi very long blog cant read completely as it as getting very late in night glanced through it even i liked the rampyari in the movie watched that 3to 4 times at that time we had a vcr at our home and we would rent out cassets from video library,about cars my grandpa was sales tax commissioner so the first car i remember is ambassador then we got fiat then 800, zen and now honda city, i do have santro but like to forget it because of the high maintainence bill i get due to it every time it goes to servicing i my bill is not less than ten thousand{hate Hyundai for that} people like you should do something about it

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