Bharat, Hindustan, India!

Why my country has three names? The most ancient scriptures name it as ‘Bharat’ which is formed by combining two words – ‘Bha’ meaning knowledge, light and ‘Rata’ meaning devoted. Thus Bharat meaning devoted to light and knowledge.

Picture3The second name is ‘Hindustan’ and can we well understood as the place of Hindus! It is interesting to know that there is no such word as Hindu in the ancient scriptures. So where did this word originate? Just like ‘V’ is read as ‘F’ like Volkswagon is read as Folkswagon, the Persians traders read ‘S’ as ‘H’ and Sindhu was read as Hindu and the inhabitants of the other side of ‘Sindhu’ became Hindus!!

Ancient_Persian_costumesLater on when the Greeks came to (or tried to invade) this land, they found it very difficult to pronounce ‘H’ (many people still find it tough to pronounce Sanskrit words) and hence they just dropped ‘H’ from Hindu thus river Sindhu as we now call it in English became Indus! and the land to the other side of the river got its name – India!!

greekReference: Page 28 ‘The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda” Published by Advaita Ashram.

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