Madhya Pradesh

Places: Maheshwar, Omkareshwar, Indore, Ujjain, Mandu (November 2014), Karmazari – Pench National Park (December 2010) Bhopal, Bhimbetka (September 2000).

1. Maheshwar

M1Narmada Ghat at Ahilya Fort Maheshwar

m3Staircase at the Narmada Ghat

m5Carvings and motifs on entrance door

m4 Ornate windows and balcony

m8Temples inside and the river Narmada flowing along

m6Sunrise and its reflection in the Narmada

m7Sahastradhara 4km from Maheshwar

2. Omkareshwar

???????????????????????????????A statue on the terrace of a building

O2River Narmada, suspended bridge and the dam

O3River Narmada

o4The Omkareshwar Temple

o5Little monkey trying rappelling from mother’s tail at Mamleshwar temple

3. Indore

i1The Rajwada at Indore

i2Symbol of the Holkar dynasty

i3Nandi in front of the pujaghar in Rajwada

???????????????????????????????Colourful balloons in the crowded Sarafa (jewellery market)

i5A vendor selling Pani Patase (Pani Puri) at Chappan

4. Ujjain

???????????????????????????????A person entering a 15inch x 15 inch window at the Patal Bhairavi temple in Kal Bhairav temple complex. A 10 feet narrow tunnel going down leads to the Garbhagriha.

???????????????????????????????A standing Nandi, one of a kind in the Sandipani Ashram. It is believed that Lord Krishna studied here.

???????????????????????????????Bhartari caves

u1Sun dial at the Ujjain Observatory or Vedh Shala

5. Mandu

mn1Jahaz Mahal or the Ship Palacemn2 Jahaz Mahal surrounded by the Vindhya mountain ranges

mn3Terrace of one of the buildings in the complex

mn4Hindola Palace built by King Bhoj in 11th century, it is said that the palace does not have a foundation or terrace.mn5The roof of Noorjahan’s bath mn6Rani Roopmati Pavilion mn7Horse Stable at Rani Roopmati Pavilion

mn8 Pillars in acoustically designed darbar of King Bhoj (Jami Masjid)mn9King Bhoj’s darbar from behind. The domes reflected sound in such a way that people outside the hall could hear the proceedings

mn12A Vendor selling special Tamarind from Mandu

mn11The Tamarind Tree – specially found in Mandu

Postcards from Bhopal, Bhimbetka and Karmazari will be updated shortly.

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One Response to Madhya Pradesh

  1. piyush mulay says:

    wow nice pics kalyani i have visited only one place from your list that is pench and it was good(although i didn’t see any tiger) not visited mp yet, just curious to ask you something did you by any chance modeled for any publication company for engineering books

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