Five Percent To Someone

Try this! Take a deep breath…take one more…one more…keep taking in and don’t breath out….not possible?…keep listening and don’t talk…difficult?…keep eating and don’t give out…horrible?

To give is the law of nature; still how many of us follow this in terms of giving some of the wealth that we have accumulated? Some of us do! however many of us are still devoid of this joy of giving. So to experience this joy can we give 5 % of our annual income to make someone’s life better? Sounds good? But the next big question is whom to give? So here are few causes to give and the organizations working for the cause (I was fortunate to witness their work and it has been huge inspiration)

1. Support a child’s education from Arunachal Pradesh – Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya. To contribute – Link

vk2. Support Healthcare: Shree Guruji Rugnalaya.                                                                            To contribute: Link

3. Support Healthcare Research:  Arvind Eye Care . To contribute: Link

4. Support education, health, vocational training, woman empowerment and alternate energy in rural areas: Vivekananda Kendra Pimpald. To Contribute: Link

5. Support  traditional art and craft: Khamir.To contribute – Link


P.S.: Contributing by 5% of annual income is good but one can also make more precious contribution and yet be wealthier – One year has 365 days, 5% of it becomes 17 days, can we give these 17 days and make a priceless contribution and become wealthier by receiving a treasure of smiles and satisfaction?

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