Victoria, Australia

Places: Melbourne, Philip Island, The Great Ocean Road, Twelve Apostles, Port Campbell (April 2013) .


2013 1034The famous Melbourne tram, this one for F1

2013 1074An Emperor Penguin in the Melbourne Aquarium, Photo: Sachin Mirashi

2013 1385The Melbourne Cricket Ground

2013 1145Southern Ocean along the Great Ocean Road, Photo: Sachin Mirashi

2013 1191Surfers at the Bell’s beach

2013 1148A washroom with Aboriginal art at the Bell’s Beach.

2013 1297The Twelve Apostles, Photo: Sachin Mirashi

2013 1334They call it The London Bridge, Photo: Swapna Mirashi

2013 1431A Kangaroo at the Swan Lake, Philip Island, Photo: Sachin Mirashi

2013 1522A chocolate collage at Panny’s Chocolate Factory Philip Island.

2013 1639Striking a pose: Koala at Conservation Center in Philip Island

Penguin-2-700x476The Penguin Parade at Philip Island. This photo has been taken from as photography during the parade is strictly prohibited.

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