Planning Death

For the first time I was feeling like a hero; more like Shah Rukh Khan from Kal Ho Na Ho or Rajesh Khanna from Anand to be precise. Strangely could not remember any popular movie where in a leading lady played a similar role.  I was lucky to know how much time was left with me to stay on this beautiful planet.

Never had I felt so free and don’t know about heaven or hell but I was already few feet above the ground.  I could now hear the birds tweet, appreciate the colourful flowers on my everyday route to the office and wondered where have all of them been before? The arguments that felt disgusting and irritating now seemed funny. For the first time I was not worried about my savings account nor about my impending promotion or increment. I was feeling so every enthusiastic about everything may be glowing with the eternal bliss. The only thing I wanted was to make the most of the available time.

sand-clockLike our filmi heros I was fantasizing spreading happiness and smiles to ‘babumoshays’ (people) around me. But how and when will I get time to do so was something that bothered me as neither Shah Rukh nor Mr. Khanna had to worry about transferring gas cylinder onto another family member’s name or about filing nominations for bank accounts or about the ‘will’ – distribution of wealth that I had collected by slogging out everyday or about insurance policies ‘zindagi ke sath bhi zindagi ke bad bhi’ (with life and also after life). .. After life?d1

My mind went into a fast forward mode and I could visualize that my family would feel bad (hopefully) because I will not be there but worse for doing all complex paper work and formalities involved in eye donation, closing my income tax account, professional tax account, claiming insurance, cancellation of adhar card, passport ..the list seemed endless. I could not imagine what will happen to my email, facebook and linkedin account, blog, my followers on Quora and the huge data that lay ‘password protected’ with my computer.

I prepared all the documents; for once I thought of submitting these documents myself  however death certificate was missing. Relaxed I was as I thought 90% of the work has been done. Suddenly I remembered my grand parents who played a very important role in my life but when I wanted to tell them about it and how much I loved them, they were not there.

m6240090_763x260-contact-locate-loved-onesSo before I was gone I wanted to tell how much I loved and say a big thank you to my  family for being there! Wanted to meet them, have fun see places and enjoy delicious food. Most importantly I wanted to thank god for letting me know when I was going to die; undisputed it gave me an opportunity to LIVE!

P.S.: Needless to say this is a work of fiction and written on a lighter note. However in this complex world we die everyday to live but can a thought of that one death make us  live?

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