DIY Eco-conscious Living

Here are a few things I made from corrugated paper boxes and other junk. These are superb in function, easy and fun to make, arty yet cheap and most importantly environmentally conscious products for environmentally conscious people and their lifestyle.


Shoe rack from general packing box


Bedside table from printer box, shelf from cooking pan box


Flipflops from general packing boxes and id card string 


Dust bin or trash bin from coffee urn box


Pots for plants from half cut milk can and ‘use and throw’ plastic box


Pen stand from milk carton


Letter or bill organizer from partition from a cold drink carton

A pin up board made from corrugated box and used card sheet paper


A rag or a floor mat made from old t-shirt and denim


Well it does not need  fancy equipment, just a cutting knife, a good tape (I used Gorilla tape and transparent cello tape) a pencil and lots of brain 😉



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