Unusual Photos

Some funny, some weird, some adventurous, some kind gestures or simply put some unusual photos –


Brides and Bridegrooms enjoying a quick tea break at a roadside tea stall in Hanoi, Vietnam


Heard of tree house, first time saw a tree shop, Hanoi


Shop between rails: A lady selling grapes at Railway Station Nashik, India


Never thought cars would be so affordable in the USA that they will be used as garden beds! California, USA


The baggage of making money: A young student carrying an advertisement on his back, Singapore

Free Library: someone put a library outside their home and the plate alongside reads “Keep a book or return it or bring back one of your own Enjoy It” also translated in Spanish. California, USA


Who needs a ladder to fix a bulb on the ceiling of a petrol pump (gas station)? Nashik, India


Bumper to bumper : Four cars parked San Francisco, USA


Now even birds have a letter box and a parcel delivered by amazon..err..this is encroachment by humans: California, USA

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