Rome wasn’t built in a day. Indeed! From Pantheon built in 126 AD to Trevi Fountain 1762 along with new buildings that are being constructed today, the city has so much to offer. Along with her history, art and architecture, this blog post attempts to capture the liveliness of this beautiful city.

Postcards from Rome (April 2017)

20170413_182507The Pantheon Dome from inside

20170413_174656Selfie time: Tourist at Piazza Navona

20170413_152546Julius Caesar and a Seagull

20170411_202342Temple of Augustus

20170412_172617St. Peter’s Basilica

20170412_174727From the terrace of St. Peter’s Basilica

20170412_130032Sphere at the Vatican Museum replicating the one on the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica (dome seen in the background)

20170412_180536Two in a crowd: kids enjoying at a fountain in St Peter’s Basilica


The School of Athens’ by Raphael .

The artist portrayed his contemporaries to represent ancient Greek philosophers. For example he portrays Leonardo da Vinci as Plato and Michelangelo as Heraclitus. At the extreme right of the painting the person looking towards the audience (us)  is the self portrait of Raphael.

20170411_200031Capitoline Hill

20170411_191635Windows Outlook: Looking out of the window 😉


Space for a quick chat: Gentlemen enjoying a chat over an ice cream in the middle of a street

20170414_162407Chasing the bubbles: Piazza del Popolo


Florist and tourists at Campo de Fiori


Fountain at Campo de Fiori. (There are many water fountains like this across the city that provide excellent drinking water. The water in these fountains flow continuously thanks to the ancient aquaducts ).

20170413_161014Market at Campo de Fiori

20170413_174303A street

20170413_164215Foodies welcome: Food displayed at a local restaurant

20170414_163556Street musicians 

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