Is Something Wrong With My Brain?

There is a delay in extending my hand for a handshake whenever I meet or greet someone and I am afraid people may think I am rude. Things became serious when at a recent function I met a bunch of people and this delay in extending my right hand was evident….EACH time!

Was something wrong with my brain or the nervous system or with my hand?

After a lot of OVER thinking I realized the delay was not in greeting people because my hands would instantly take ‘Namaste’ position; but the delay was in extending my hand for a handshake.

20170929_130635Greeting with a ‘Namaste’

Why do my hands take ‘Namaste position’ whenever I meet or greet someone? Initially I thought it could be a habit, with time it would change and I will get use to a handshake or a hug! It took me two days to be comfortable with left hand drive cars driving on the right side of the road in the US. So I assumed my hands and nervous system were working fine. Now the entire focus was on the brain as it will be two years now since I moved to the west, must have met over 2000 people and yet I experience a delayed response from my hand for greeting people with a handshake.

To solve this problem I drew a ‘journey map’ for this meet – and – greet scene.

Article Illustrations - Page 16

Journey Map (ha ha ) for meet – and – greet

STEP 3 eeeee!!! Found it! It was step 3 that was taking time. Logically either the brain was slow or there was a bug in processing a particular situation or it was processing some huge data.

With some copyright testing methods;) here is the conclusion… DIRECT…  I figured out that my brain runs an algorithm that scans possibilities of where the person’s hand or my hand would have been before a hand shake (seems like my brain is working on machine learning principles..yay!!!) and from the pool of over thousand images, here are a few samples it process…(rest left to the reader’s imagination)

2            Image source


Image source : Wikimedia Commons


Image Source :

1 Image Source :


Image source: Flickr

Scanning all these images without taking microseconds my brain sends signal to my hands for the best possible way to greet – Namaste … my hands follow…BUT …when the other person extends hand, there is this external stimulus that takes a few microseconds to reverse everything.

May be the problem with my brain is despite so many instances it still gives signals to execute best (most hygienic and healthy) solution; not learning like machines –  that we are humans 🙂



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