Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park

Postcards from Sequoia National Park, Giant Forest, and Kings Canyon National Park (June 2018)

20180619_191557In the land of the giants: Crescent Meadow, Giant Forest


Largest tree in the world: ~2500 year old General Sherman Tree (center), Photo: Sagar Behere

20180618_163128General Sherman Tree, Photo: Sagar Behere

20180619_103213Life story of a Sequoia tree: A part of the trunk of a Sequoia tree displaying its life, climate and forest fires from 1100 A.D. to 1510 A.D. at The Giant Grove Visitor Center. Photo : Sagar Behere

20180619_103023A conference room at the Giant Grove Visitor Center

20180619_185645Tunnel Log on the way to Crescent Meadow

20180618_143005Hike to Crystal Caves, Sequoia National Park

20180618_135847Crystal Cave entrance

20180618_132230-EFFECTSFormations in the cave

20180619_095829View of the high Sierras

20180619_122319Road to Cedar Grove Village in Kings Canyon

20180619_120049Kings river and the winding road to Cedar Grove Village : View from Junction Point

20180619_140629 A Stellar’s Jay relaxing in Zumwalt Meadow Photo:Sagar Behere

20180619_135525Zumwalt Meadow

A little about logistics: We booked a hotel room in Three Rivers thinking it was just 6 miles from the park entrance and around 30 miles from most of the must see points in the park. However it takes over an hour and some sharp hair pin turns along the 30 mile winding road. We were lucky to get a last minute reservation at the Stony Creek Resort up in the park and that was a big relief. We strongly recommend staying in the lodges or resort inside the park for best experience.

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