About W2TA

Two main events that made me start this blog –

1) What an amazing comeback by Michael Schumacher in 2011 Belgium Grand Prix…he started from last on the grid and stormed to 5th position.

2) Awakening of a nation at the call of a common man with his uncommon spirit…of course it is India waking up at the call of a Gandhian, Mr. Anna Hazare. Even to witness and contribute to such a movement is incredible.

And one reason to write is ‘There is a whole World 2 Talk About‘ right from automobiles (my biggest passion) to masterchef kitchen, from SCUBA diving to trekking the Himalayas, from sports to classical dance, from working in mega factories to making handicrafts, from getting into an airplane to getting in a submarine!!

A  few things done but many things still await…so just trying to explore it!

For feedback write to – admin@rangedesign.in

…Kalyani Khodke

Other links – www.rangedesign.in



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