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Is Something Wrong With My Brain?

There is a delay in extending my hand for a handshake whenever I meet or greet someone and I am afraid people may think I am rude. Things became serious when at a recent function I met a bunch of people … Continue reading

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DIY Eco-conscious Living

Here are a few things I made from corrugated paper boxes and other junk. These are superb in function, easy and fun to make, arty yet cheap and most importantly environmentally conscious products for environmentally conscious people and their lifestyle.   Shoe rack … Continue reading

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Planning Death

For the first time I was feeling like a hero; more like Shah Rukh Khan from Kal Ho Na Ho or Rajesh Khanna from Anand to be precise. Strangely could not remember any popular movie where in a leading lady … Continue reading

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Temple Tales #2: Mystery Unsolved

Towers (built without modern construction equipments), inverted shadows (without mirror or conventional lens), water supply and irrigation system (without electricity), musical pillars and many more technological marvels from 14th century! We were a group of seven – engineers, architects and … Continue reading

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Temple Tales: God Missing In The Ruined City?

It was beautiful, it was absolutely clean but it did not seem to be pleasant. It was huge, it was quiet but it was not calm. It was well crafted and scientifically built very old temple yet there was no … Continue reading

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What If ‘He’ Resigns???

He does not get a performance allowance not even annual increment…o forget all this he does not even have a fixed monthly income..not just fixed but even earning every month is uncertain! So what if he decides to resign? (after … Continue reading

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थोड वेडे व्हा!

उन्हाळ्याचे दिवस, दुपारची वेळ, सगळीकडे शुकशुकाट. सोसायटीतली घरी असलेली मंडळी पंख्याच्या गार हवेत वामकुक्षी घेत होती. या शांततेचा फायदा घेत काही बालगोपाळ एकत्र जमले आणि झाडावर चढून आंबे खायचा प्लान ठरला. हळूच एक जण झाडावर चढला, काही आजुबाजूला नजर ठेवून … Continue reading

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